As humans, we are subject to various environmental and external stresses that impact our health, our mental and emotional state and our ability to remain balanced internally and in our actions externally. We often ignore the negative thought and emotional energy we are storing in our bodies until it has become dense and causes dis-ease. Integrating daily energy rebalancing practices into your work and personal life can be the difference between feeling overwhelmed and anxious versus calm and at peace.

Our team works with companies, executives and groups to provide various forms of mindfulness coaching that will not only restore your body, mind and nervous system to homeostasis, but will also lead to increased awareness, intuition, clarity of thought, connection with others and a deep feeling of fulfillment. Our aim is to help individuals and teams find harmony and resonance within themselves and their work teams, to heal pain and trauma that leads to illness and feel a deep sense of calm and wellbeing. We use creative approaches to identify the mindfulness modalities that resonate most with each individual, teach those practices to you and help you develop a plan to integrate daily mindfulness practice into your life. 

Some of the practices we use include: Kundalini yoga meditation, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, pranayama (breathwork), Vinyasa yoga, Bhakti yoga, mantra meditation (chanting), Qi Gong, Tai Chi, visualization, goal manifestation, light therapy and walking meditation, among many others.